Brother Hamish

Age: 47

HP: ??

Level: 8

Class: Monk

Race: Half-Orc


Spiritual Insight, Wise, Athletic, Pious, Perceptive, Intimidating, Charismatic, Drinking.


Brown robes, razor, assortment of incense for meditation, censer, flint, candles, a small flask filled with a whiskey brewed only in Adovask, a prayer book and journal. a large pack capable of carrying an amount equal to a horse’s load to carry food or other important items on a journey.


Ability class: Brackva

Heightened Awareness:

1st Level Brackven Ability:

Through intensive training of mind and body, one learns how each and every fiber of being and spirit can be used to better understand the world around them. Allows for specific enhanced senses(1 at a time initially) and aura sense.

Strong of Mind:

2nd Level Brackven Ability:

The Mind is the most powerful weapon, but it is also the most vulnerable. Through imbibing Arbettin Cedar, one can channel spirit to guard against mental attacks. Completely immune to mental manipulation unless the power of spirit is met by a stronger force.

Spirit Control:

3rd Level Brackven Ability:

The Spirit flows through all things, through extensive focus, one can bend the flows to their will. The effect is strengthened if both user and the affected target have imbibed Arbettin Cedar.


The tallest member of the group, Hamish stands a little over 7 feet tall. His skin, tan with a greenish hue is covered in scars stretched over a body whose physique appears carved out of stone, almost entirely muscle. His face is gnarled, but the smile he wears often hides how fearsome he can appear. His black hair is cut short and neat, but has begun graying at the temples. His beard is also short and well kept and speckled with white hairs. His eyes are a deep auburn, full of exuberance. An underbite causes several sharp teeth, caused by his mixed birth, to poke out when he closes his mouth.

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