Brother Hamish: Brave Warrior and Kind Traveller from Afar

Brother Hamish pose 1
Art by Ink the Tea

A traveller from the far western Isle of Adovask, Brother Hamish has seen more of the world than most see in their entire lives. He is on a kind of pilgrimage, one that requires he travel across lands and far off places. The purpose is simple, he is to seek out those that require aid and assist in ways only he can. For that purpose, he joins Selene in her travels through Syndramire.

Wise beyond his years, Hamish is most known for positive spirit. Always the first to laugh, he seeks to share his optimism with both strangers and friends. In fact, it is rare to see a smile ever leave his face.

Yet beneath the surface, there is evidence of a hard life. With a face and body covered in scars and a body that towers above almost everyone, it is no surprise he would be a fierce opponent in battle. Especially when his smile fades and you see the true strength of both his body and will.

While capable of great feats of strength, his greatest strength is his heart.

No matter what happens, Brother Hamish will always protect the innocent. He is the great bulwark of the Spirit, and no harm shall touch those under his protection.

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