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Book Progress and Delays

Hey folks, happy Saturday!

So this week has been busy, both for better and for worse.

It’s been full of work progress, but I’ve also had a fair bit of drama thanks to some medical issues with our oldest dog, Chloe. She isn’t doing too well and has needed extra care the last few days.

As you can imagine, it’s made the last few days a bit stressful. I’m still working through Session 8, but I should finish it in the next few days.

With my last post in mind, I’m expecting delays on the publishing of the book. Current expectation is some time in November, but that will depend on how much else decides to happen between then and now.

Sorry for all the delays, by the way. So many things about this whole publishing have not gone the way I expected, but it has been a learning experience. Hopefully, I can take all this knowledge for the next book to speed up the process!

Until then, however, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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