Session 9, Halloween Plans, and Beyond!

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

Hope you are all doing well. Just want to thank everyone who has stopped by and given TFT’s most recent chapter, Session 8, a read as well as share some plans for the remainder of the Halloween season.

As far as Session 9, I am currently on schedule to complete by Friday, September 4th, for the Patron early access release. Current page count is approximately 22 pages and 5,493 words. I expect it to be a little over 30, which is pretty normal by this point.

Now then, onto the plans for the holiday…

For those who have followed me since last year, you may remember I love the Halloween season and would love to celebrate it in my own way through my various projects. Last year’s attempt, unfortunately, ended anticlimactically. I was still working full time back then and the story I wanted to write for the holiday, A Cry from Silence, was just not working out.

This year will be different.

My plans for this Halloween are far less ambitious than writing a full novella for the occasion, so I believe they are far more doable. If this year goes well, I’ll try to be a bit more ambitious next year. So, when it comes to the rest of October, I will be releasing my attempts at Two Sentence Horror stories across social media every night before Hallow’s Eve. I’ve been working on these the last month or so, so I hope they are good! As for the night itself, I’m working on a full narration of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. While not as spooky or creepy as other stories, it is hard to deny the appeal of this story, especially when it comes to choice for a classic Halloween tale.

If people enjoy this, I might plan for several more readings next year as well as some narrations for other holidays, such as a narration of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickins for Christmas.

But time will tell. Until then, hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to the two sentence horror stories, with the first one tonight!

Share your thoughts!