Making changes

Hey folks, happy Saturday!

Can’t believe it’s already November. It feels like the days have just flown by. Pounding out Session 9, same as last week, but this will be the last.

See, I made a promise to myself and others that I would keep up this hermit mode until November. I’ve put off a lot of things, ignored friends, and basically done nothing but work and sleep, and I’m still not done.

To be fair to myself, this is quite a monumental task to complete on my own. For those that don’t remember, this book edit is extensive. I’m basically going line by line and deciding if there needs to be changes or additions alongside a couple added plot threads. When its done, it will be vastly different than the early drafts in a lot of ways. Not every line has been changed, of course, but I’d be surprised how much folks recognize unless they compare it directly to earlier drafts I’ve posted online.

For that reason, my plans for the future include hiring a professional editor to assist whenever I start work on the next book edit.

Anyways, since I’ve reached the promised time, I’m gonna be making changes. Gonna reset my sleep schedule to a more reasonable hour, get important tasks done I’ve put off, and, most importantly, change up my writing/editing schedule somewhat.

Current plan is to try staggering out editing days, maybe spend three days a week editing, and the rest writing A Cry from Silence. Though, I feel like I’ll play fast and loose with this schedule. I may spend a few days working on getting the Jezran update finished since that has been on hold for months, or maybe I’ll mess around with some book 2 ideas.

Basically, the writing days will be the time I try to work on other things. That way, even if take several more months to edit Ocean’s Heart, I’m still posting stuff for people to read on the site and patreon.

Thanks for everyone’s patience on this, it’s been an interesting year and I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself and my writing style. Hopefully, it translates to greater productivity, or at least better quality.

Anyways, that’s all I have for this weekend. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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