Patreon Update!

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

As you should know if you follow me on Facebook, today is the release date for Session 7! This has been one of the most exciting chapters to write, so I look forward to your response and hope you enjoy! It is currently scheduled to release at 6:00 PM PST.

With all that in mind, I have news! As we are approaching the official end of this arc in TFT, I am looking forward and trying to plan ahead. One of the things I am hoping to do with this first arc is publish it as both an e-book and physical as Ocean’s Heart: Book I of Tales from Tabletop. While I may try in the future to work with a publisher, I want to try self-publishing first in order to better control the rights to the story. This is because I am hoping to keep TFT and my other works up on this site for free so that people do not feel they are forced to pay in order to finish reading the story.

Now you may be asking, what is the incentive to buy it, then? Well, the answer is pretty simple, I’ll be including special content as part of your purchase, specifically artwork depicting events in the story, map sketches, and character/setting sketches among others things, like improved prose and editing. Of course, as some of you are aware, I am not an artist, so I’ll be paying out of pocket to get the best artwork I can buy. This will likely be pretty expensive, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to cover everything.

Which brings me to what this update is all about! I have created a Patreon, link here. I’ve already set up some preliminary tiers with rewards attached for those interested, including free signed copies of the book with your name listed in front and even a specialized message for the highest tier. These rewards are not set in stone, however, so if there is anything I can do to make the tiers more appealing, please let me know!

Oh, one more thing! Going forward, all of my chapter updates will be on Sundays instead of Saturdays. This is due to the fact one of my patron rewards is receiving the next chapter update early. Patrons will receive updates on Friday evening, everyone else will receive it Sunday morning.

And that’s all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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