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Progress on the Jezran update

Hey folks, happy Saturday!

Been working on the Jezran update lately. In particular, the art!

Which requires I get a lot of references together to help the artist. Once that’s done, and I’ve written the supplemental notes I’ll need along side it. I’ll reach out to Ink the Tea, same artist I used for the Hamish update.

I’ll also continue working on Session 9, and have about 5 or so pages left on that, I think.

Also, speaking of which, I had some thoughts.

Since I’m working through these updates for the main party, including what they will all look like, I’m beginning to wonder if I should update the cover. That way, the cover shows everyone in more canon outfits as well as with details I’ve added in the rewrite. I may not, but that would only be due to the fact it cost a pretty penny for the cover. It’s not like I dislike the cover, after all, I’m just wondering how important it is the characters look right on it.

After all, have you seen other fantasy covers? They rarely show the characters how I expect them to look, but maybe that’s my fault.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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