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Race to the Finish! What to expect in coming months.

Hey folks, happy Hump Day!

Like I said on Saturday, here is my update detailing my plans for the site going forward as I keep working on the final book edit for Ocean’s Heart. Since there’s a lot to cover, I’m breaking this up into several sections. I doubt they will be overly long, but just in case they are and you have a specific segment you want to see, I’ll include a table of contents here!

When will the book be published?

Great question! This is probably the biggest element of my current plans since everything else will be defined by this. Previously, I hoped to have it published some time this month, but that was before I started work on the edit. Back then, I believed I could complete each Session’s edit in a few days. Now, I’m not so sure. With that in mind, I have decided on a publish date that will give me a few weeks for each remaining Session. That way, I should still be on schedule even if I get stuck on a particular Session along the way.

With all that said, I have decided to publish date back to August 31st!

It fits the plan for each Session and it will ensure the book is published at an opportune time for sales. I’ll also be keeping an eye on my progress over the next few months so I can announce either an earlier release or a delay as soon as possible.

What can we expect on the site until then?

Gosh, another great question! You guys are on a roll!

In all honesty, not much. I still plan to keep giving weekly updates that will include some reflection on the writing process, but outside of that I only have one other idea. I’ve mentioned in previous posts the idea of revamping certain information on the site for the characters, locales, and lore surrounding the world of TFT. I still plan to do this, but it may be in more of a trickle than I initially thought. Even without getting sick, life has been busy the last few weeks.

Getting anything done outside of the book edit may prove difficult. So I’ll need to pace myself.

Currently, that appears to be one major update a month. To start, each update will be a revamp for one of characters on the party section of TFT. Basically, I want to add more details that list more interesting elements to the characters. I want to give details on their backgrounds, some more information on their personalities, and maybe even a couple fun concepts unique to each character. On top of all that, I will also be working to get some art up on the site, all thanks to my wonderful patrons who have supported me with a monthly budget!

Since they are the ones who will be helping make that a reality, I will be polling my patrons for the first character. Be on the lookout this weekend to hear about who will be the character for this month!

When will you start releasing book 2?

This question is conditional on a lot. First, I will not start working on Book 2 of TFT right away. As mentioned in previous updates, I intend to start releasing A Cry from Silence as my next big project. Book 2 will then soon follow after that story’s release.

As for A Cry from Silence, I’m playing that one by ear. For now, I’m estimating that I can start releasing chapters soon after Ocean’s Heart is released. So current estimation would be some time in September. However, I may start releasing chapters sooner. It all depends on how fast I get through the edit and if I can get started on writing sooner than I expected.

Sorry guys, wish I could be more specific, but I don’t want to give a date out only to delay it again.


Well, this is all I got. Hope I answered all the big questions remaining for the site. If not, feel free to leave a comment with your question! I’m still recovering from my nasty bug, but I am more than happy answer any further questions regarding my site.

Also, this plan is subject to change depending on my own life circumstances, but I will be keeping you informed each and every week on my progress!

Until then, I hope you all have a great week!

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