Session 12 starts tomorrow!

Hey folks, happy Saturday!!

Super excited to release the first chapter of Session 12 tomorrow, we are in the final stretch and I hope this conclusion is something you will all enjoy.

Book edit is currently underway, spent a good chunk of this week working on formatting and putting together the layout of the book, I hope it’s to everyone’s liking!

I’ve also made a decision regarding the Appendix and other key info that I was planning to include in the book. Originally, I was intending to include information similar to Tolkien at the end of this book so that folks could read up more on the world and lore, but then I began looking at the page count and realized it would probably add another 10-15 pages to a book that’s already pushing 450-500.

So instead, the Appendix will be for definitions and pronunciation of certain words and names. The rest will be added to the site over the weeks following the release of the final chapter of the epilogue. While I’m posting those, feel free to let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like to know!

That’s all I got for now, anyway. Hope you guys have a great weekend and be sure to check in tomorrow for that first chapter of Session 12!

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