Session 5 underway!

Hey folks, happy Saturday!

Finally finished Session 4 this week so onto Session 5. Hoping to finish it before the end of the weekend so I can get started on Session 6 and the Hamish character update.

If I can’t, then I’ll be needing to looking into rearranging my scheduling some in order to get everything done before publishing.

Sorry for the delay, everyone, but I do appreciate those who are waiting patiently. There’s a lot I’m learning right here about the process, so hopefully the next book will be a much smoother transition!

Anywho, hope you all have a nice weekend!

By DT-Brennan

Hello, my name is Drake Brennan and I'm an avid reader and lover of all forms of storytelling. This site will be my place to both celebrate the great works of literature, particularly in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, alongside my own attempts to craft stories of my own. All constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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