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Shifting schedules

Hey folks, happy Sunday!

Sorry I’m a day late on this. Most of the week feels out of whack as I try to readjust my schedule to one that’s less nocturnal.

For that reason, not a lot of progress to report. That said, I have had a fair amount of time to think through some things.

First off, I’m going to be a bit more lackadaisical regarding what I work on. Last few months, I’ve done almost nothing but the book edit. As I try to throw new things into the mix, I think it may be best for me if I try to take it as it comes. So, I may work on A Cry from Silence one week, then the book edit the next, or maybe even the Jezran update for his character page.

I’m not expecting much progress on any until my sleep schedule is under a new medium, however, so please bare with me as I relearn work-life balance.

Anywho, that’s all I have for now, hope to have more to share in the coming weeks!

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