Hey folks, happy Saturday!

Or at least, that’s what I want to say.

A bug crept up on me this week and I’ve been kinda bedridden the last few days.

Not exactly where I wanted to be at this time, but hey, that’s life!

Anyway, not feeling up to going through all the details today regarding future plans for the site. So, once I’m better later this week, I’ll be sure to reach out with another more detailed update on everything!

Until then, look forward to the final part of the Epilogue tomorrow!

By DT-Brennan

Hello, my name is Drake Brennan and I'm an avid reader and lover of all forms of storytelling. This site will be my place to both celebrate the great works of literature, particularly in the fantasy and sci-fi genres, alongside my own attempts to craft stories of my own. All constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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