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Summer Thoughts

Hey folks, happy Saturday!

Don’t have a lot of exciting news this week, as I’ve just been kind of chugging along with editing and preparing for my big writing retreat at the end of the month to help me start writing A Cry from Silence.

With that said, I am also considering changes in the future to both finance model of Patreon and how I go about releasing content. One thing that I would to do is give greater incentive for early access to content. One way I think that could be done is giving Patrons access to chapters a month early. This would mean Patrons would have access to about 4 chapters before they would be available for free. Basically, I think will be a great incentive for both new and old patrons since they’ll be getting decent amount of content for a reasonable price.

Of course, I find Patreon itself to be kind of a poor choice for this idea. For those haven’t used Patreon, it’s mobile app is not great when it comes to navigating through posts. For that reason, I’m looking to alternatives for this concept. If I go through with this, I’ll be splitting up my Patreon’s tiers so that folks interested in the content from this alternative site are still paying the same amount for everything I am trying to offer them.

Thankfully, I still have a fair amount of time before I’ll need to finalize this decision, so you don’t need to worry about any major changes until I start releasing chapters again!

In the meanwhile, I’ll keep working on the book edit, getting the Jezran update ready, and finalizing all I’ll need to start writing A Cry from Silence.

Until then, I hope you all have a great 4th of July and weekend!

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