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Tech Issues and Delays

Hey folks, happy Saturday!

Hope you’re all doing well, I’ve had an interesting couple of days.

As you might guess by the title of this update. I ran afoul of tech issues this week. Nothing major, thankfully. Basically, the software I’m using for formatting the book was having issues with the current drafts of the book. Took about 2 days of my free time to get it working again, which was not fun.

With that said, I’m nearly finished with Session 6. I actually would have finished by now if not for the fact I need to make a couple changes to the last scene. Not to spoil anything, but I made an addition to plot line that I have been adjusting as I go through the final draft. Nothing major, just a loose plot thread I tied back into the plot nicely.

With all that said, though, I think it’s time to continue with the theme of the title.

Delays. I’m expecting to need a bit more time, since the changes I’ve made added work that I did not initially anticipate. I still believe I will be finished editing before the end of October. In fact, my goal is to be finished by mid-month if at all possible. However, I need to make a small adjustment to the cover, what I’ve needed to postpone until I finished editing, due to the fact it’s a matter of page length. Basically, I originally planned for the book to be about 450 pages. The book, thanks in part to the addition of the appendix, has ballooned well past that. For that reason, I intend to reach out to my cover artist to see if they will be able to make the fix.

However, since I’ve already paid them, I’m not confident they’ll oblige since the project is technically over. I believe they will do, even if it costs a little extra, but I want to leave open the option of maybe getting a new cover entirely. This is only in the off chance they refuse to fix the size of the cover, however. So take my fears with a grain of salt.

Anyway, after that, it’s just a matter of getting ISBN’s and deciding on an official date. I’m leaning toward something like November 5th, it’s a Wednesday release, but I kinda like the idea of releasing it in the middle of the week. I’m no famous author after all, plus I have no marketing save these updates and a small pool of cash I’ve saved up for the occasion.

Anyway, this has been a learning experience. It’s my first time publishing and there has been a lot that tripped me up. But the knowledge I’ve gained trumps the time I’ve lost. I expect every release after this to go that much smoother for all the trouble I’ve been through this time.

And once this is all done, I will be working on A Cry from Silence and I cannot wait to get on that!

Until then, though, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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