TFT Session 4 Coming Soon!

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

I come here with good news as shown in the title! TFT’s fourth installment is on its way and I have a date set for it!

For those that follow up on the home page to see my progress, I do apologize for the random burst from like 40% to 100% almost overnight. I have come to realize I write as if I’m pushing a giant boulder up a cliff. It starts off incredibly difficult, with each inch pushed forward a massive achievement. This continues until I hit about halfway, which is the summit. From there, everything flows so naturally and quickly that I struggle to keep up with my writing entirely.

I finished up the last of the first draft yesterday and spent the entirety of today going through and editing it. I’ve already sent it out to friends and family who provide needed feedback before I complete the final draft. That will take about two weeks this time around I think, as this is the largest chapter I’ve written so far.

So I’ll keep you posted come next week, but expect the fourth installment to be uploaded on the site June 18th!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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