A New Direction

Good afternoon folks, sorry for the later than usual update. Life hit fast this week and I’ve been playing catch up, but it has also made me realize a fair bit about the future for the site and career when it comes to writing online.

First order of business is TFT. Chapter 3 is not on hold, but I have decided to give myself more freedom in writing it out. In other words, I will be pushing forward with the series, but with far less regularity for the foreseeable future.

So what does this mean? Basically, TFT’s next chapter is listed as coming soon until I have a firm date for it. However, this does not mean I will disappear for weeks on end until a chapter is finished. Instead, I’ll continue updating the site with more variety of content.

The first and easiest change will be updates like this every Friday or Saturday. I’ll give a brief sum up of the week’s progress, alongside a few other projects.

Some of these projects are currently listed under the Ideas section of the site, and I plan on expanding both the depth of these ideas and increase their number as time allows. What this means is different for each project. Each one may require different pieces to fall into place before they are ready to be written. One might have an early draft for a starting chapter and others may include introductions to characters in the story and a brief spoiler free sum of who they are and where they fit in the grander narrative. Another might get something more akin to a script or notes detailing research I’ve done that I believe is worth a share.

As those stories develop and I feel they reach maturity, I’ll transition them from ideas into full length stories included on the story page alongside TFT. That means all the ducks are in a row and I now feel comfortable writing the story out from start to finish.

TFT will fall more into the background due to this, but I have no intent to replace or abandon this story. I just merely need more time due to work and a lot of the writing process for ideas is far easier to create and share whilst I work on TFT chapters when I can.

So, for those that are here reading, I hope you understand and know that I will still try and share fun and interesting stories or characters in the future. No matter what happens, I want to be a writer full time and I believe that sharing my stories online is the best path for me to attain that goal.

Thank you all so much for reading and be sure to keep an eye out for some new ideas and updates this weekend!

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