Weekly Update: 11/20/2021

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

Hope you are all doing well. As for me, I am tired. My cheap little bed decided to break last night, making it a rather restless night.

Writing lately has bounced back and forth between TFT and Historical Fiction idea, as I recently got hit with a burst of inspiration for a couple of the characters I’ve yet to introduce. May try and get those out sooner rather than later so there’s something more interesting to read than just my weekly updates.

Also have a couple more ideas on things to write about that may be interesting in a more stream of conscience essay type thing like what I did for Halloween if folks are interested in that.

Also, just want to apologize on my lack of an update on chapter 4, I keep forgetting to update my progress, but I am hoping to get that back up and running this week. Work has been a pretty hectic time, but I’m hoping it will die down by the time December rolls around.

Though that might just be wishful thinking on my part.

Either way, expect a post for Thanksgiving as I figure I should take advantage of the season.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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