Weekly Update: 12/11

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

Hope everyone is doing well. Work has been crazy all week for me, so sadly nothing too exciting to report at this time.

Not much writing was done, hence no change in the homepage tracker. Starting to wonder if maybe I should just accept I probably won’t have the time I’d like to write leading up to the holidays and focus on other projects, such as character intros or possibly add some more reading time to my schedule. Speaking of which, one thing that I thought might be fun would be to write up some posts giving my thoughts on various stories told in a variety of formats, such as video games, books, tv shows, etc. Partially, I like the idea, as it would give me a good excuse to experience stories I’ve put on hold, but I also believe it might be a fun new style of content to include in case folks are bored of waiting for the next chapter of my stories that’s not too difficult to write up on my end.

Of course, I should note that, while these would on some level be reviews, they are not a critical review.

In these posts, I would not be aiming to explain why you should or should not like the thing in question, but rather, I would be attempting to crack open the story to see how it works. I would analyze the tropes and archetypes used, what writing techniques were used and whether or not they meshed well with the genre or fulfilled the goals of the writer. To put it another way, I would try to give a writer’s eye view of how the story functions, and why some people might love or hate it. A couple stories I already have a few notes for would be the video game Undertale and the novel House of Leaves. If either of those sound interesting to you, please let me know!

For now, though, I believe that’s all I have.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I’m hoping to have more to share next time!

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