Weekly Update 5/8

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday and Mother’s Day weekend!

Unfortunately, not much to update on. Sorry for the slow going the last couple of weeks, I was burning the candle at both ends for my job to get everything done. Thankfully, I believe this will be the last time I am particularly overly stressed due to work for some time. Time will tell, of course, but that’s where things stand as of now.

I’m still working on several projects, but I don’t believe I have anything that will be ready before the end of the weekend, since tomorrow is Mother’s Day. With that in mind, I am going to be more available to write this next week so I am expecting to at least have some updates for stories I can share and maybe a few more interesting pieces I can share for the Lovecraft in Space and Historical Fiction idea. I’m also continuing to work on Chapter 3 of TFT. It’s currently around 9 pages long, but I expect this will be around the same length as Chapter 2, if not longer. Long story short, I am hoping to have a good number of things to share this month and in the near future.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone, and Happy early Mother’s Day!

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