Weekly Update: 6/27

Hello everyone, happy Sunday!

I don’t have much to share this week, my work load doubled this last week due to the absence of another employee. The fact it’s the busiest period of the month has not helped, either. Still, managed to get some more added to the third chapter of TFT despite all that! Not much, only about another page, but every little bit helps.

One of the reasons progress is so slow is also due to a personal writing weakness of mine. I am not very good at set dressing. I have it all in my head, but writing out what the scenery looks like is difficult for me. This next chapter will include a lot of set dressing due to the fact I have a very specific feel I want for both Syndramire and for Lendrig’s Hollow, where the first real arc of the story will take place. Plus I want to set up some things that will be important to Selene’s story going forward.

If we use D&D terms to talk about TFT, you could say that chapter 1 is the starting point for my character and 2 is a kind of session zero to introduce the main party for the campaign. So with that in mind, chapter 3 is the first real intro to the campaign and story. Hopefully it turns out well and it’s worth the wait!

As for this coming week, I will still likely be dealing with the same issues since the other employee is not going to be returning to work until the 5th. Regardless, I intend to keep pushing forward as best I can during this time. I’ll be posting the monthly goals on Thursdays alongside the progress I’ve made to completing that goal.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday and weekend!

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