Weekly Update: 7/24

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

Hope everyone is doing well. I just want to start off this update with a great big, thank you to everyone on my Facebook page for the 100 likes and follows! I am completely overwhelmed that so many people decided to like and follow my site. I’ve said this before in other updates, but it truly means the world to me for people to take an interest in my stories. I appreciate and each and every one of you who take time out of their days to read what I have written on this site. Whether it be about my characters, my story ideas, my updates, or my writing itself, thank you all so much for your support!

Now then, on to the update proper.

I am not sure if many of you have been keeping up on the home page of my site, but I have had quite the productive writing week! I am now confident enough to say the final draft will available this coming weekend. I am finishing up the final scene today and I’ll hopefully be done with my first edit before the end of today or tomorrow. I’ll then take some time for the character intros while I wait for responses from friends and family.

Slight digression, but if I do finish those this month, I will be holding off on posting them to the site. This way, I’ll have some content for people to enjoy while I work on other things, including the next chapter of TFT.

Anyway, current plan is to get chapter 3 posted either late Friday or early Saturday. Currently I’m estimating Saturday, if only due to an increase in workload I expect this coming week. Either way, I’ll also include an update Saturday giving my thoughts on this latest chapter and current reflections on this new system of monthly goals I’m trying out.

Until next time, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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