Weekly Update: 8/28

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

Hope everyone is doing well. I do apologize as I’ve had some difficulty getting any writing done this week due to some issues with my right hand that started on Monday. I doubt it’s anything serious, but I am a hypochondriac, so my first thought goes to carpal tunnel. To avoid any potential issues, I’ve had to rest my hands this week outside of work. I’m also working on my wrist posture while typing to help mitigate any issues. It seems to be working, as I only feel minor discomfort every now and again compared to Mondays dull throb. I’ll still keep an eye on it, however, as I’d rather not exacerbate the issue. Luckily I’m left handed so writing stuff down still works, just means I have to transpose more to the computer later on.

Anyway due to the issues with my hand, I will be a little late on my second character intro for A Cry from Silence, but not by much. It should be up on the site by tomorrow afternoon with fun little secrets inside as per usual. For those that don’t know, all my posts for A Cry from Silence include some hidden stuff that I think adds to the story. Nothing too exciting, as I’m not so clever with web design, but hidden messages abound that I believe add to the mystique and hopefully add some fun flavor to the story.

I doubt they’re hard to find, but in case you miss them, I will be posting them in order as part of a sneak peak once we get closer to the release date for the story.

That’s all I have for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend and wish you all the best, wherever life may find you.

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