Weekly Update: Post Wedding and Two Week Catch Up

Hello everyone, happy Saturday!

To start off, just want to apologize for missing my update last week. Last week was the wedding and I had very little time to myself, and when I did it was preparing a couple last minute things for the event itself such as my Best Man speech. Still not a great excuse when I have given short updates under those kind of conditions before, so I apologize and hope to better keep up on these.

So yeah, let me start with the stuff I would have shared last weekend.

That week started on an odd note, since my birthday came the day before I left for the wedding. Not sure about you guys, but I always grow pensive as my birthday approaches. I look back on all the years leading up to the day and can’t help but wonder if I made progress in some way, shape or form.

Am I happier than before? Have I become a better person? Will I regret the decisions I made when I’m old and gray?

You know, light and easy questions for a guy turning 27. Thankfully, this year I believe I have made progress in all factors. I believe there’s still lots I can do to improve in all factors, but I think people should be like trees. We should always look for new ways to grow no matter how old we get.

And now my inner old man is showing. Better stop here or else I’ll start complaining about kids, lawns, and those kids on said lawns.

But I think I’ll be picking up on a similar topic next week regarding stories and life because the wedding also gave me lots of those kinds of thoughts I’d like to jot down.

The rest of the week before the wedding was quite hectic, and most of the time was spent preparing for the wedding or fulfilling other Best Man duties, such as the Bachelor’s Party. Everything went wonderfully and I was told more than once I did an excellent job before departing home.

Then I got food poisoning, because life is full of fun surprises!

Last few days were spent recovering from that, my stomach is still a little weak but I do believe I can finally say I have survived the worst of it.

So I should be able to move forward with writing the next chapter of TFT and other projects now! I plan to update the site in the next few days to properly reflect what I am working on, so expect to hear more about future projects hopefully in the near future.

Thank you all and hope you have a great weekend!

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