Welcome to Writer’s Errant

Hello everyone, my name is Drake. I am twenty-six years old, and I have always loved stories. For the last decade, give or take, I have always wanted to try my hand at creating stories, but life, school, and obstacles always seemed to require my attention first. For that reason, I put writing aside for many years, only dabbling when a spare moment arose. Finally, after I graduated college and finally found some stability, I realized that I wasn’t happy with my circumstances.

Upon deeper reflection, I realized that it was because I had left my dream behind. In truth, I wanted nothing more than to write. I wanted to share stories I created, perhaps even that something I wrote might touch someone. Give them comfort, make them laugh, or even allow them to cry. With that in mind, several months ago, I began the project of turning around some things in my life. Restructuring my schedule that I might have real time to sit down and write out all those stories that danced around my head all these years.

Now, finally, I believe I am ready to begin, and it starts here. This site, Writer’s Errant, is my place to post and share stories, big or small, that might be read and enjoyed by anyone who happens to find their way here. With that in mind, I’d like to share briefly what I write and my plans for the site going forward.

I generally write fantasy, but I also dabble in historical fiction, sci-fi, and even the occasional scary story round Halloween. For starters, however, you will really only see one story, my first attempt at a web novel, I have dubbed Tales from Tabletop(TFT for short). This story is based off a character I created for a D&D campaign that sadly never got off the ground, but I believed had a great deal of merit as a potential story. Since it is based off D&D, a number of things will be instantly recognizable to those more experienced in the pen and paper rpg, with the most noticeable example being the main character herself, who was a tiefling in D&D.

However, it should be noted that TFT is set in a world inspired by D&D, with no specific creatures or names from the Forgotten Realms involved. I did this both in the hopes that I might avoid any future copyright issues, as well as the fact that it gave me a chance to stretch my own world building muscles, if only somewhat. So expect common fantasy tropes with a refreshing twist. Hopefully.

So last thing I want to cover here is my plans for the future. I want to start small, with a great deal of room for growth. Currently, you will only see the first chapter in my first webnovel series, Tales from Tabletop, and an assortment of story ideas I hope to write in the future.

My current goal for TFT is to post a new chapter twice a month, or every other Friday(I finished the first chapter early, so expect the next chapter by Friday, March 12th). I also plan to add other content to the site as we move into the future, however, there is still a great deal in the air. While I would love to write full time as my career, I currently have to work another job to make ends meet. This is also the first time I have ever attempted to follow a consistent writing schedule, so there may be times that chapters will take longer to write and edit as I adapt and improve my efficiency with time. And just you never feel out of the loop on what is going on, I will be doing my best to keep everything up to date here on my progress with each chapter and posts.

So yeah, that should cover everything. I hope you find something you like here, and if not, please feel free to give feedback. I want to continue to improve as a writer and constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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