lighted christmas tree

Yuletide Update!

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this season and day to the fullest!

Nothing too exciting to share on the writing front this week. Currently editing the remaining chapters of Session 10 so they can continue to release weekly while also writing Session 11.

For that reason, I thought I would instead take this time to show my appreciation. To those of you who stumbled across this site recently, to those who’ve followed my writing for some time, I just wanted to thank you.

I know it’s not much and I don’t pretend to be famous or anything, but having the trickle of people that come in to view my work always puts a smile on my face. It helps me stay focused and encourages me to continue my writing career, wherever it may lead. I just hope that my stories might evoke a similar response in you! And if not, I pray that I might continue to improve so that one day you will!

Regardless of your opinion on my work, I pray you find yourself some good cheer today and in the coming week. I know for some this time is hard, so I hope you in particular something worth celebrating.

I give you all my best and look forward to seeing your responses to Session 10 as it goes on!

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