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The journey so far…


The battle is over, Lendrig is defeated. Now all that remains are the Crossroads we must take to go forward, and the Consequences of our actions.

Session 12: Ocean’s Heart

The battle against Lendrig draws to a close, and the party makes a last ditch effort to end it all. Will they succeed? Or will all the world drown in endless Abyss?

Session 11: Into the Abyss

The battle is over. Everything now rests on a last ditch effort by the remaining party members to risk it all and end this, once and for all.

Session 10: Battle for the Hollow

The time for preparations are over. Lendrig’s forces advance upon the Hollow, will Selene and her companions manage to keep back the endless hordes of monsters? Or will they all fall to Lendrig’s forces? Read on to find out!

Session 9: Before the Deluge

Locked up and with no time to lose, Selene and the party must find a way out, uncover the mystery of the fate of the Hollow, and prepare for the oncoming invasion from the powerful Magus, Lendrig the Traitor.

Session 8: Return to the Hollow

After confronting the Ancient Magus, Lendrig the Traitor, the party is forced to beat a hasty retreat in order to return to the Hollow. Unfortunately, much has changed in their absence and things may not be so simple.

Session 7: Lord of Abyss

As Selene and Jezran are dragged before Lendrig, Lord of Abyss. The rest of the party struggles to escape the trap and find them before it’s too late.

Session 6: Divide and Conquer

Alone and afraid, Selene must now traverse the dark passages beneath the city of Lendrigol without the rest of her party.

Session 5: Beneath

The party venture deep into the depths of Lendrigol. What will they find lurking in the darkness?

Session 4: Into Lendrigol

Joined by the Wizard, Jezran, Selene and the party embark in search of answers into the ancient ruins of Lendrigol.

Session 3: Lendrig’s Hollow

The party arrives in Syndramire, the land of Mists and Monsters. What will they discover in this ancient forgotten place? What is here, waiting for them

Session 1: The First Step

In search of answers for a tragedy, a young woman leaves the only place she ever knew to explore a land known only death and strange beasts.

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