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It’s said every adventure begins with a single step. So take this as your first step on a new adventure, exploring this site! Welcome to Writer’s Errant! My name is Drake, I am an amateur fiction writer hoping to share my works across the internet. Throughout my whole life, stories were a near and dear constant. As I grew older, I found myself more and more entranced. Eventually, after much soul searching, I decided that there was nothing I wanted more than to tell my own stories. One day, I want to write full time. I want to write stories that inspire others in the same way I was inspired. If you so chose, you could even say I’m on a quest.

That’s why the site is called Writer’s Errant. Instead of a knight, I am a writer on a quest to find my path, to find my stories that are worth sharing.

Latest Story Updates


The battle is over, Lendrig is defeated. Now all that remains are the Crossroads we must take to go forward, and the Consequences of our actions.

Session 12: Ocean’s Heart

The battle against Lendrig draws to a close, and the party makes a last ditch effort to end it all. Will they succeed? Or will all the world drown in endless Abyss?

Session 11: Into the Abyss

The battle is over. Everything now rests on a last ditch effort by the remaining party members to risk it all and end this, once and for all.


If you want to see what I have to offer, check out my current story, TFT! It’s a fantasy story inspired by the Tabletop RPG, Dungeons & Dragons! In search of answers for a tragedy, a young woman leaves the only place she ever knew to explore a land known only death and strange beasts. Follow the travels of Selene Bryseis and her companions as they explore a dangerous land known to be rife with monsters, myths, and ancient magics, Syndramire. Session 4 was just released and Session 5 is a work in progress!

Alternatively, if you want to see what I hope to write in the future, check out the Ideas page. Over there, I keep all my ideas that are still on the back burner and what’s coming down the pipleline. I’ve got ideas ranging from Sci-fi horror, historical fiction, high fantasy, you name it! I’ve also got an idea for a potential webcomic that would need an artist to collaborate. Because I sadly cannot draw.

Hopefully, I make for it in writing!


If you want weekly updates on story progress, check out my Facebook page, D.T. Brennan. I’ve also got other social media accounts, but I’ve honestly never been good at keeping up with it, so I’m sticking to Facebook right now. If you’d like to follow me on other social media, though, I have a Tumblr and Twitter, as well. Those accounts are linked with this one, so you’ll still be able to keep up to date on all the new stories or ideas posts I make! You can also just follow me on here! Enter your email address below, and you can keep up with all my updates by sending them straight to your inbox!

All constructive criticism or feedback on stories is welcome and appreciated! You can add comments under any of my posts, but if you would like to send a private message, you contact me under the Support page. Included there you will see a link to my Patreon, where I offer Tier rewards ranging from early access to story updates, access to private community posts, polling power to have a say in future projects, and much more!

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Hope you enjoy your time here!