Welcome to the Stories section for the site! Plans for the future are to include any and all stories ready for more frequent uploads here. Currently, my main focus will be TFT, but more will be added as I expand outwards into other stories.

Tales from Tabletop

In search of answers for a tragedy, a young woman leaves the only place she ever knew to explore a land known only death and strange beasts. Follow the travels of Selene Bryseis and her companions as they explore a dangerous land known to be rife with monsters, myths, and ancient magics, Syndramire.

A Cry from Silence

Deep space mining was dangerous work. It was not uncommon for entire colonies to fail or disappear overnight, never to be heard from again.

Mining Colony 12-9, designated “Adderact,” was a rare exception.

The crew quickly learn that some things are better left forgotten, some secrets are better left hidden, but most of all…

Never take silence for absence.

More stories to follow!