Announcements and Updates

  • Delayed Update
    Hey guys, sorry for the late update. Thanksgiving kinda caught me off guard and I’ve been out of sorts ever since. Part of it is this change to my sleep schedule, as it seems my body hates it, but it’s paired with the usual seasonal fun. Like getting sick, for… Continue reading Delayed Update
  • Progress on the Jezran update
    Hey folks, happy Saturday! Been working on the Jezran update lately. In particular, the art! Which requires I get a lot of references together to help the artist. Once that’s done, and I’ve written the supplemental notes I’ll need along side it. I’ll reach out to Ink the Tea, same… Continue reading Progress on the Jezran update
  • Shifting schedules
    Hey folks, happy Sunday! Sorry I’m a day late on this. Most of the week feels out of whack as I try to readjust my schedule to one that’s less nocturnal. For that reason, not a lot of progress to report. That said, I have had a fair amount of… Continue reading Shifting schedules