Age: 24 HP: 60/60 Lvl: 7 Class: Wizard Race: Human Skills: Knowledge of Arcane, History, Investigation, Myths and Legends, Ancient languages, Cleaning Magic, Cooking magic, Magic Control and Spellcraft, Alchemy. Gear: Wizard robes(blue, arcane symbols on the sleeves in silver), magical focus(mana infused quartz), Eye of Arcana, torch(4), wizard ensemble, supply of alchemical compounds, Enchanted… Continue reading Jezran


Age: ?? HP: 160/160 Level: ?? Class: Sorceress Race: ?? Skills: History, Innate Arcane Wisdom, Sense Magic, Natural Sense, People watching. Gear: Open sided bliaut (dark blue and light gray), Elven travelling cloak(royal blue), comb, bedroll, fork, poultice pack, sponge, bar of soap, galanthus(preserved in vials, dried). Magic/Spells: Sorcery: Ice Magic Spell List: Ice Manipulation:… Continue reading Arifrenya


Age: ?? HP: 200/200 Lvl: ?? Class: Fighter Race: Celestial Elf (Moon) Skills: Acrobatics, athletics, dextrous, all weapons proficiency, intimidation, history, insightful/perceptive, medicine, blacksmithing/crafting. Gear: Simple traveling clothes, Elven traveling cloak(royal blue), Medium armor(elven make, hidden), longsword(1), throwing knives(10), throwing axes(2), shortsword(2), daggers(2), hatchet(1), buckler, morningstar, smithing hammer, traveler's cloak, 300 silver coins worth of… Continue reading Argent

Rieta Andolin

Alias: Selene Bryseis Age: 17 HP: 42/42 Level: 5 Class: Rogue Race: Malenai Skills: Stealth, dexterous, acrobatics, pickpocket, lock picking, storytelling, perceptive. Status: Abyssal Affliction: caused by the physical touch of one of the Children. Can lead to a number of outcomes dependent on their ends. Gear: Leather armor, Shortsword(1), Daggers(2), Throwing knives(??), Ceremonial knife(1),… Continue reading Rieta Andolin

Crew Profile: Captain

Processing... [CLASS V GNE CONFIRMED] Accessing Crew Profile for ISS TAINEN... ... ...A vessel lost at sea. ... ...Complete. Name: Lyle Roman Designation: Captain of the ISS TAINEN. Age: 38 Height: 165cm (5'5) Weight: 82kg (180 lb) Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Brown Pulled beneath the tides. Background: Born and raised to miners from the Ortek… Continue reading Crew Profile: Captain

Jean Similien: Historical Fiction Idea

Age: 31 Appearance: Standing at approximately 182 cm(approximately 6'), Jean is unusually tall for the period. He has a thin, lanky physique that belies his own strength. His blonde hair has grown out since leaving military service, and is frequently to fit current trends in Boston. His blue eyes, pale complexion, and French swagger cause… Continue reading Jean Similien: Historical Fiction Idea

Crew Profile: Salvager

Processing... [CLASS V GNE CONFIRMED] Accessing Crew Profile for ISS TAINEN... ... ...Can you feel it? ... ...Complete. Name: Dalton Kendrick Designation: Salvager Age: 29 Height: 157 cm (5'2) Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lb.) Hair color: Black Eyes: White Lost in the darkest reaches. Background: Born during the early colonial period of space, few records… Continue reading Crew Profile: Salvager

Nadia Carter: Historical Fiction Idea

Age: 21 Appearance: Nadia is taller than most women in her day. Standing at around 5'4 with shoulder length auburn hair, Nadia stands out in a crowd. She has a slender figure with pale skin that belies great mental strong. Nadia has a strong fashion sense, which is only limited by a meager budget. Her… Continue reading Nadia Carter: Historical Fiction Idea

Zane Carter: Historical Fiction Idea

Age: 27 Appearance: Zane stands around 5'11, slightly taller than the average infantryman in WWII. His jet black hair is kept short, but has grown out of army regulation by the time he returns home. His face is cleanshaven and best described as granular, as if roughly carved from stone. Zane's dark brown eyes always… Continue reading Zane Carter: Historical Fiction Idea