Not much of an update

Hey guys, happy Saturday. Sorry I don’t have a lot to share this week. Just the boring hum drum of editing. I finished Session 5 and working my way through 6. Hope to have and a good chunk of 7 done before next week. And that’s it for now. Hope you all have a nice…… Continue reading Not much of an update

Progress and Prologue

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Sorry for the late post, got a late start to the day. Not much to say this week, finished up the first draft of the prologue and I’ve continued working on the final edit of the book. One thing I can say, though, is that I’m making a few additional changes…… Continue reading Progress and Prologue

Writing Continues

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Hope you all are doing well. I’m better than last week, but not going to pretend circumstances have changed. There’s still a fair number of obstacles in life right now, but thankfully they lend themselves to focusing on work. I’m currently finishing up the Prologue for Ocean’s Heart. Once that’s done,…… Continue reading Writing Continues

Rough week

Hey guys, sorry for the late update. Been a rough week due to some personal problems. Hoping next week will be better. Hope you all are doing well!

Session 5 underway!

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Finally finished Session 4 this week so onto Session 5. Hoping to finish it before the end of the weekend so I can get started on Session 6 and the Hamish character update. If I can’t, then I’ll be needing to looking into rearranging my scheduling some in order to get…… Continue reading Session 5 underway!

Session 4 and Hamish Update

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Been a busy bee this week, pounding through Session 4, hoping to have it finished in the next few days. Also, the Hamish sketches are done! So now all I need to do is get the character page updated and they’ll be ready for the world to see! Unfortunately, I haven’t…… Continue reading Session 4 and Hamish Update

Editing Continues!

Hey folks! Hope you’re all doing well on this fine Saturday. Hoping to finish up Session 3’s final draft today, but we shall see. These edits are pretty extensive, with many sentences getting touched up or changed as I go. As for art, we are finishing up the patron poll this Sunday! Once the top…… Continue reading Editing Continues!

Back in the Saddle

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Sorry for the late post, today got away from me and I didn’t manage to find a time to write this earlier. As I said last Wednesday, currently working on Session 3 of the book edit with the hope to finish it by next Wednesday. It’s probably gonna be close but…… Continue reading Back in the Saddle

Sick week

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Sad to say I’ve been sick all week, so I haven’t managed to get a lot done since last week. I am, however, on the mend. Still, I’ll probably need another couple days to get everything together to explain my plans for the future. Expect a public update explaining future plans…… Continue reading Sick week

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