Historical Fiction Idea

So this idea doesn’t have a name as of yet. It would be centered around an ensemble cast in the 1950’s set in an old boarding or town house. The main character, Zane, has just returned to the states, after spending a number of years abroad after the end of WWII. He is much changed from the young man who left his foster home to go to war almost a decade ago, but he hopes to reconnect with his foster sister, finding himself no living amongst a motley crew of odd balls that help him reconnect with her and their misadventures.

This story would essentially be a slice of life, but centered around some semi-mature themes. In particular, the effects of war on people and how they come to terms with what they did and what was lost. So this will not be entirely lighthearted, but it is essentially a found family story, so expect plenty of heartwarming moments beside the darker/sadder bits. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to know more.

If you like this idea, check out the character intro I made characters so far, linked below!

Zane Carter

Nadia Carter

Jean Similien

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