Project D-Tag

Have you ever felt like you were a side character in someone else’s life? That you’re the sidekick in someone else’s life?

Well, my friend, you are not alone!

Welcome to the Project D-Tag. Where folks of all shapes and sizes can help the heroes find their happy ever after’s!

So to briefly explain this particular story, it’s essentially a story about people who have a gift for playing the role of side characters, or D-Tags. It centers around a high school teen named Jerond.

Reasonably proficient in most everything, he has never been the best or most important member of any group. For that reason, he has spent the majority of his life supporting other people in their lives. Even going so far as to support his childhood friend in her love of a mutual friend, despite his own feeling for her. To Jerond, he is a character destined to remain in the background of any story he takes part. This is only proven true when recruited by a strange individual known only as Calliope to join a group of people that specialized in particular tropes of side characters.

These people, D-Tags, would enter stories told throughout the ages, and ensure the heroes always reached the best ending for their respective story. Not an easy task, of course. Finding out who the hero was, what kind of ending they needed, and most importantly, how to get there? All that was just part of the job. Join this band of walking tropes in an adventure in side ventures, Project D-Tag!

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