Sword of God

In the land of Arnen, fires burn the land by day, and nightmare beasts prowl the dark by night. The only people capable of surviving live underground, beneath the watchful eye of their immortal ruler, Revahn. What lead to this outcome? Was the world always this way? No. Everyone alive knows the story:

Long ago, the Nephilim ruled the world. Their might and power knew no boundaries. The Nephilim were masters of all they saw, but strength became weakness as their minds filled with vile poisons. Arrogance, pride, ambition. Like a plague, it infected them all. In an ultimate display of arrogance, they sought the only power to elude them, true godhood. Their outstretched hands, reaching above, caught flame. All burned.

Save for one.

Where others fell, he rose. On the backs of fallen comrades he climbed beyond the stars. A man become god, he cast aside all vestiges of his past. Henceforth, he would be known only as Revahn, Lord of Ash.

From the sole surviving tower standing on the surface, Revahn’s rule was absolute. There were only two options for the surviving people of the land: kneel or break beneath his might.

Despite the power Revahn possessed, the people still rebel against their bonds. Opposition was endless, but Revahn’s rule held firm. To end the needless bloodshed, Revahn devised the rite of challenge. Should anyone manage to best or even wound Revahn in single combat, he would grant them anything they desired. The hope, while slim, ended all active conflict against the throne. After all, should even one succeed, it would end the oppression once and for all.

Many tried, all failed. For two hundred years, no one could meet this challenge and overcome.

However, everything began to change when a young woman named Lucine appeared before his throne to challenge him. Perhaps the days of this Tyrant are finally numbered…

This is perhaps my oldest story idea. Essentially, this is my attempt at a more grand fantasy, it would likely be a trilogy, but could be more or less depending on how much content I write up. This is probably the most somber story I would write as I feel in some ways it’s connected to my own growth as a person. I’ll be writing this story eventually, no matter what happens, the question is how long I allow it to grow and expand in my mind before I really put pen to page.

If you like this, be sure to check out part of an early draft for chapter one. Early Drafts: Sword of God Chapter 1

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