Villainous: The Comic Series

Narrator: In a world where everyone thinks they live in a comic book, heroes and villains vie for supremacy. This is the story of one man, one villain, who appeared one day to take the world by storm. The day started like any other, but then…suddenly, all television screens went to static, then everything went black before a light fell upon a dark figure.

Figure: Greetings, citizens of the world. I am…*brings out blackboard with a variety of names crossed off, the largest ones read: Malevolence, Copyright Violation, An Orange Tomato, Kevin, but one is written and circled in the center.*Lord Supremacy, Master of Evil! Remember the name, insignificant fools! Soon this world will tremble in my wake. Soon every voice shall scream in terror at my name! Soon I-! I…

*Lord Supremacy falters*

Lord Supremacy: One moment please. *moves off screen*

*voices can be heard from off screen*

Voice #1: What do you mean you don’t have a plan, boss?

Lord Supremacy: I mean I don’t have a plan. Honestly never thought we would get this far.

Voice #2: I told you to work on that before we went live.

Lord Supremacy: Nobody likes a know it all, Stacy.

*a moment of silence*

Lord Supremacy: So what am I gonna do?

Stacy: You’re the boss, boss.

Voice #1: Yeah! You’re the boss. You’ll think of something.

Lord Supremacy: *sighs* Fine, thanks for the encourage Minion 406, I always liked you best.

Minion #497: Aw, thanks boss, but I’m Minion 497.

LS: Sure. Yes, what you said.

*Lord Supremacy walks back on screen, not realizing everyone heard what he was said*

LS: Sorry to keep you waiting. A Master of Villainy such as myself is often distracted by the finer details of the plan. Regardless! Be warned. Soon I will strike! And when I do, you will all realize immediately that I, Lord Supremacy, am truly the greatest villain of all time! *he pulls out a remote control* But for now, farewell! Aaaaand cut!

*the video feed cuts, but the audio continues*

Stacy: Wow. How menacing.

LS: Nobody asked you, Stacy. Now then, let’s think of an amazing place to strike that will strike fear in the people!

Minion #497: How about a bank?

LS: Definitely not, way too obvious. Maybe a library, nobody has done that before right?

Stacy: Sir, before you continue, did you make sure the connection to the global news network was properly cut?

LS: Yeah I pressed the power button.

Stacy: But did you hold it for the whole 3 seconds?

LS: ….No.

*moment of silence before a mad scramble is heard as everyone runs for the camera, then a loud crashing sound is heard by all before the audio finally cuts*

Narrator: Wow. That was…wow. I’m getting paid for this, right?

So pretty straightforward, I think. This is basically just a silly concept I had for a webcomic that would mostly focus on the shenanigans of Lord Supremacy and his band of minions(and Stacy) as they try to eke out a name for themselves amongst the rosters of heroes and villains scattered around the world. While I am no artist, I believe a webcomic about the day to day existence of a villain could be entertaining and this would be my attempt at the concept.

Note: This idea is probably my most subject to change in the future, but I feel like the above bit gives a good idea for the humor and base character interactions I would go for. Let me know what you think!

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