ISS TAINEN: A Cry from Silence

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Derivian Class Vessel: ISS Tainen

Background Information: Humanity’s efforts to reach the stars were not in vain, but the path to the stars rested upon the corpses of those who came before. In the years to come, this was cemented as the universal law of space travel. Most notably, when faster than light travel was finally achieved. A closely guarded secret by the Guild of Nautical Exploration(GNE). The only truth known publicly was that it cannot be achieved consistently. Countless vessels were lost in the depths of dark space.

The materials required to create vessels capable of this feat were a mystery, but GNE Chairman Silas Aldrin claimed the material “to be rarer than sentient life itself.” For that reason, all efforts have been made to retrieve these lost vessels wherever they may be.

Thus the GNE established the Independent Salvage and Surveyor’s Core(ISSC) as a subsidiary branch in the hopes of regaining those lost resources.

Method of Travel: Salvage ships, like the ISS Tainen, were uniquely designed to avoid the pratfalls of common space travel. It was safer, but limited. The method of travel devised was called Anchoring, the vessel would essentially be pulled toward an object that had been marked as an Anchor Point. These points were created in space by unique materials used in ship building. Once located and procured, the vessel, with salvage secured, would return using a homing beacon active at the nearest salvage station.

Ship Class Specifications: The Derivian Class marks a drastic shift in focus for salvaging. Previously, all ships were designed to break apart salvage, bring it aboard, and return home. For that purpose the original salvage vessels were massive, expensive, and housed large crews of highly trained professionals and engineers in order to properly procure and restrain valuable materials.

Early projections did not predict the dangers of dark space. Countless operations ended in failure and massive loss of life due to human error and [REDACTED]. Eyes in the Dark.

The Derivian Class was designed to counter these failures. For that reason, they were much smaller and required much smaller crews, often consisting only of 6 members. Derivian Class was designed for surveyance and retrieval of specific key resources from Salvage. They now spent the majority of time as scouting vessels, reporting back information to a Sector HQ. HQ would then send larger crews to salvage if deemed valuable and necessary, otherwise, only key resources would be extracted by individual ships. This singular change in policy and design has proven to increase salvage efficiency and reduce potential loss of life and salvage from [REDACTED]. Crews were recommended to submit reports if further salvage operations were warranted. Vacant, empty, endless.

The ISS TAINEN is a third generation Derivian Class Vessel, in service for 5 years. It is equipped with an S-Class Deep Space Scanner and 4th Generation Anchor, allowing for surveyance and transit across 40 parsecs.

Crew: ISS TAINEN functions within standard deviation for Derivian Class Vessels. Crew is 6 members, specialized in fields deemed necessary for long term existence in dark space and effective procurement of material.

Staff requirements for the ISS TAINEN include the following titles and duties:

Captain: Independent Agent, owner and commander of vessel. Paid a percentage for all key salvage recovered by vessel. Hires and manages crew outside of communications.

Communications Officer: Direct employee of GNE and sole contact with HQ. Acts as second in command unless emergency powers given by HQ.

Engineers(Senior and Junior): Maintains the integrity of vessel and proper storage of [REDACTED] following standard ISSC procedures and procurement.

Medical Officer: Maintains and supervises physical and emotional needs of crew. Travel via Anchoring has been known to cause depression, nausea, and [REDACTED]. Medical Officer must go through mandatory training provided by GNE before serving on a Salvage Vessel.

Salvager: Specialized personnel in procurement of key resources and exploration of derelict vessels or structures. Requires frequent psych evaluations from Medical Officer for continued service.


They know more than they say.

Current Status: On route to abandoned structure, Adderact.

We are waiting.

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