A Cry from Silence (Lovecraft in Space)

Beasts that lurk beneath tepid waters, stories told round a campfire told in whispers, creatures lurking in the dark, creeping and crawling seen only from the corner of your eye. Horror is a genre I have always respected, even if I am often too cowardly to delve past the shallows. Lovecraft in particular has always been a personal favorite. While I have yet to read his much of his work, their permeation was deeply felt. In my younger days, I explored creepypastas and other scary tales scattered across the web, all my favorites I would later learn took inspiration from his intricate mythos.

This story is my own attempt to capture an essence in his works that both enticed and terrified myself and countless others. Fear of what lurks beyond, and our own infinitesimal place in the cosmos.

Deep space mining was dangerous work. It was not uncommon for entire colonies to fail or disappear overnight, never to be heard from again.

Mining Colony 12-9, designated “Adderact,” was a rare exception.

The colony, silent for over a decade, returned to life and a beacon went out into the void. The Salvage team aboard the ISS Tainen received the call. The salvage of so large a find was not simple, but promised great reward for all involved. Search the colony, take anything of value, and, if possible, determine cause of failure and the cause of re-emergence.

The crew quickly learn that some things are better left forgotten, some secrets are better left hidden, but most of all…

Never take silence for absence.

This will be a single short story I plan to write and share once I’ve completed the current arc in TFT. Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone abreast of further updates as they come!

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