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A vessel lost at sea.


Name: Lyle Roman

Designation: Captain of the ISS TAINEN.

Age: 38

Height: 165cm (5’5)

Weight: 82kg (180 lb)

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Brown Pulled beneath the tides.

Background: Born and raised to miners from the Ortek Mining Colony in the Sol system’s asteroid belt. At a young age, he was deemed a viable candidate for second generation FTL travel by GNE evaluation. Trained as pilot, he served many years aboard scouting vessels, cargo envoys, and experimental craft.

Deep into the dark.

With the creation of the ISSC, Lyle applied for Captaincy and Salvaging rights. Based on his service record, he was granted a ship and crew in short order. He has served well as a Free Agent under the ISSC and is often considered the best for procuring valuable salvage.

Service History: ISS ERON, Pilot, 2 years.

ISS GREY, Pilot, 4 years.

ISS EPSILON, Pilot, 9 years.

ISS DETERMINATION, Pilot and Surveyor, 8 months. For the abyss that waits below.

Experimental Testing: CLASSIFIED.

ISS Tainen, Captain, 5 years

Psych Eval: N/A, None required for Captains in ISSC.


Many seek, yet never realize.


Some things are better forgotten.

Evaluation: Lyle’s experience as a pilot gives him great insight for salvage, and he works well with his Salvager. It is believed the two have known each other for many years, but it is uncertain when they first met. Lyle has seen much, and likely knows more than he lets on. Pilots in the early days were known for nerves of steel and fierce discipline and Lyle is no different, even though he treats the crew more as kin than subordinates. I do not believe he is a threat, but I advise continued surveillance.

Lest our actions break the Silence.

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