Jean Similien: Historical Fiction Idea

Age: 31

Appearance: Standing at approximately 182 cm(approximately 6′), Jean is unusually tall for the period. He has a thin, lanky physique that belies his own strength. His blonde hair has grown out since leaving military service, and is frequently to fit current trends in Boston. His blue eyes, pale complexion, and French swagger cause him to frequently stick out like a sore thumb upon arrival stateside. Of course, that suits Jean just fine.

Personality: Jean is suave, confident, and sharp tongued. He has gotten in more than his fair share of fights due to his refusal to back down after causing offense. Despite this demeanor, he is quite capable of guile and cunning, frequently taking actions others would not. When it comes to life, Jean is a clearheaded pragmatist, leaving his home country to travel with Zane when there was nothing left for him after the war. A chronic smoker, he is rarely seen without a cigarette in hand. Considering himself quite the lady’s man, Jean frequently goes out of his way to flirt with any and every woman he meets.

His true passion in life is cooking, and he hopes one day to serve fine dishes to the most beautiful women in the world.

Background: Jean was born in August 3rd, 1921 in Strasbourg, France. Never knowing his parents, he was raised by his uncle Bastien, who was the head chef of a small restaurant in the city, Tonelle de La Rosa. From a young age, Jean’s life revolved around this local eatery. Practically as soon as he was old enough to walk, Bastien had him running tables or doing dishes in the back. As he grew older, he spent more time in the kitchens, learning recipes from his uncle or helping cook or wait tables during peak hours.

His relationship with his uncle was difficult, as he was a hard man, and seemed to care for little more than his restaurant most days. As Jean grew older, he became more rebellious. Frequently getting into shouting matches with his uncle when it came to anything ranging from cooking to politics. As Germany’s threat grew and after a final shouting match between the two, Jean left and enlisted in the French military, fighting for his country even when forced to retreat across the Thames.

During a joint operations with the United States, Jean met Zane. Upon meeting, they were already at each other’s throats. A bar brawl later, and they became fast rivals and the occasional drinking buddies. The war frequently separated them, but they always managed to meet again as the war for Europe continued, spending most of the time together fighting, drinking, bragging, or very rarely, talking normally.

Years later, Jean joined Zane in his return to the states. There was nothing left for him back home in France after the war, and here he might just find that one thing he so desperately needs.

A fresh start.

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