Nadia Carter: Historical Fiction Idea

Age: 21

Appearance: Nadia is taller than most women in her day. Standing at around 5’4 with shoulder length auburn hair, Nadia stands out in a crowd. She has a slender figure with pale skin that belies great mental strong. Nadia has a strong fashion sense, which is only limited by a meager budget. Her brown eyes burn bright with an intelligence and iron will that does not know how to quit.

Personality: Nadia has a personality to match the color of her hair. She’s grown accustomed to playing the part that best gives her what she wants, which makes it difficult to determine who is the real Nadia. Incredibly intelligent, Nadia has learned well the value of hard work in pursuit of her goals. She has been known to come off as loud-mouthed and somewhat overbearing to those closest to her, she knows when to shift to a sweeter tone to get what she wants. Nadia is unafraid to do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true.

Or so she tells herself.

Background: Nadia, often called ‘Nads’ by those closest to her, was born on September 15th, 1931 to a rather poor household in Quincy, MA. Her father died shortly after her birth due to an accident at the local shipyard. The only family she ever knew was her immigrant mother, Annabelle, and her older sister, Elsie. Her widowed mother worked multiple jobs to keep herself and her two daughters fed, but died tragically by falling asleep at the wheel on the way home from work. Nadia was only 5 years old at the time, and she did not have time to process the loss. Nadia was swiftly separated from her sister when they were adopted into different homes. The sudden loss of her whole family hit Nadia hard at so young an age.

She came to the Carter home not long after Zane’s own adoption. Her adopted parents were not cruel by any means, but they adopted the two for help with chores. So they cared little about the girl still mourning the loss of family and home. Zane was not necessarily accustomed to comfort, but he refused to let Nadia suffer alone. He did what he could to help her grow accustomed to their new life.

Over the course of 2 years, the two bonded and became practically inseparable.

Even at a young age, Nadia was fond of getting into trouble. Zane was often forced to bail her out, sometimes requiring he foot the bill should trouble come knocking. He would scold her as any older brother would, but his frustration was always quick to subside until the next fiasco.

When Nadia was nearing her 9th Birthday, her adoptive father was injured in an accident with the farming equipment. The accident was not serious, but it would stop him from handling the heavy physical toll farm labor often involved. Will Carter was a proud man, but he did not have the funds to hire workers to assist Zane and their farm was too large for Zane to handle alone. So, they adopted two more boys names Ulysses and Luke that would assist Zane.

The four became fast friends and spent most of their time outside school and chores exploring outdoors or the nearby town.

After Margaret’s passing in childbirth, their father was rarely home. When he was around, he left them alone save for violent outbursts. Zane made sure Nadia and the others never suffered the worst of it. That is, until the day he left. Zane’s parting was sudden, and the only goodbye she received was a single letter left on her bedside.

In the ten years since, Nadia has become fiercely independent, seeking out the means to her own fortune. She works multiple jobs to afford a college education and wants nothing more than to leave her past behind so she can live and do as she pleases.

She is the least happy to see Zane return home, but hopes she might finally learn why he left and gain some closure before she leaves for good.

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