Age: ??

HP: 200/200

Lvl: ??

Class: Fighter

Race: Celestial Elf (Moon)


Acrobatics, athletics, dextrous, all weapons proficiency, intimidation, history, insightful/perceptive, medicine, blacksmithing/crafting.


Simple traveling clothes, Elven traveling cloak(royal blue), Medium armor(elven make, hidden), longsword(1), throwing knives(10), throwing axes(2), shortsword(2), daggers(2), hatchet(1), buckler, morningstar, smithing hammer, traveler’s cloak, 300 silver coins worth of currency


Attuned: Lunar


Tall and thin like most in his race, Argent stands approximately 6 feet tall with an ageless face and pointed ears. His skin is fair, but the youthful vigor is fading, the only sign an elf is nearing the end of their life. Argent’s hair is long and flowing, a vibrant silver that seems to shine in the light.  His eyes, due to the Celestial connection of his people, change hue with the phases of the moon, ranging from vibrant glowing silver during a full moon and slowly dimming to steely grey as the new moon approaches. His face is thin, and appears sculpted for nobility, with a strong jawline and high cheekbones.

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