Age: ??

HP: 160/160

Level: ??

Class: Sorceress

Race: ??


History, Innate Arcane Wisdom, Sense Magic, Natural Sense, People watching.


Open sided bliaut (dark blue and light gray), Elven travelling cloak(royal blue), comb, bedroll, fork, poultice pack, sponge, bar of soap, galanthus(preserved in vials, dried).


Sorcery: Ice Magic

Spell List:

Ice Manipulation:

Can freeze any object into an icy block. Enemies, must pass a strength check to break free, or they will be frozen. Requires tactile contact with caster or ice already formed.

Arctic Shock:

Instant Freeze spell. Requires significant mana, dependent on size and internal heat of the object and tactile contact.

Icy Wind:

Cools the air around the caster to subzero levels. The wind created can be manipulated by the caster into a gust.

Icicle Waltz:

Through a complex series of movements, the caster can use and enhance all winter related abilities used as part of the dance.

Frozen Javelin:

Create a spear of varying size depending on mana usage.


If a frozen object is destroyed with a winter related ability, the ice turns into shattered ice fragments that freeze anything they touch. Icy winds can be used to control the direction of the shards, protecting allies and attacking foes.


Tall and thin, Ari’s most defining characteristic is her vibrant red hair. Upon first introduction, her features are soft, with brown eyes and olive skin. Yet there lurks a magic just beneath the surface of her exterior.

Her skin is always cool to the touch, but she herself appears unaffected by the cold. Her ethereal nature is often belied by an awkward exuberance.

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