Tech Issues and Delays

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Hope you’re all doing well, I’ve had an interesting couple of days. As you might guess by the title of this update. I ran afoul of tech issues this week. Nothing major, thankfully. Basically, the software I’m using for formatting the book was having issues with the current drafts of the…… Continue reading Tech Issues and Delays

Prologue Changes

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Hope you’re doing well. Sadly, I am in a similar spot as last week. Not much to say, but I’ll give it a go! Progress on Session 6 has stalled a little, mostly in part due to a conversation I had with a friend who is helping me with my writing.…… Continue reading Prologue Changes

Patron Changes

Hey folks, happy Saturday! Don’t have much to report today, other than some stuff going on with Patreon. Nothing too exciting, just tweaking the tiers to more accurately reflect what I would like to provide for each one. Other than that, cleaning is ongoing. Hoping to have it finished by the end of the weekend…… Continue reading Patron Changes

Return from Retreat

Hey folks! Happy Saturday! Been a while, eh? Seems like it was forever ago I left on my retreat, but now I’m back! Unfortunately, with less to report than I hoped. You see, part of this retreat was to see some close friends whom I have not seen in several years. Since I was the…… Continue reading Return from Retreat


A busy week. An update on a renewed spirit and strengthened resolve.

Summer Thoughts

Summer thoughts for future plans, in particular, how I will be posting content from here on out.

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