Age: 24

HP: 60/60

Lvl: 7

Class: Wizard

Race: Human


Knowledge of Arcane, History, Investigation, Myths and Legends, Ancient languages, Cleaning Magic, Cooking magic, Magic Control and Spellcraft, Alchemy.


Wizard robes(blue, arcane symbols on the sleeves in silver), magical focus(mana infused quartz), Eye of Arcana, torch(4), wizard ensemble, supply of alchemical compounds, Enchanted Orb, journal, spellbook, Special signed documentation from the College by Master Kalrei’beshiru approving study of magic in Syndramire for Acolyte Jezran.


Spell Class: Wizard

Specialization: Ethereal Sublimation with a Natural Emphasis(Translation: studies natural arcane phenomena linked to the transition between the Realms)

Spell List:


3rd Level Spell

Creates a hole within a solid surface such as stone or wood that can be travelled through. Size and depth dependent on wizard ability and the quality of focus. Remains open for one hour.


1st Level Spell

Lightning spell. Shoots from fingertips to desired target within twenty feet. Can be enhanced to the highest level of spell known to user with additional command “Maxim.”


2nd Level Spell

Creates a tangible barrier that can protect from physical harm. Any object attempting to break through must succeed on a strength check to break through. Any successful check destroys the barrier.

Delayed Descent:

1st Level Spell:

Allows up to five creatures to float harmless to the ground for several minutes.

Misted Step:

2nd Level Spell:

By tapping into the flows of the Realms, one may take a step betwixt them. Only those that study the Realms are capable of utilizing this ability.

Detect Life:

Item Ability(Eye of Arcana)

Allows the user to detect and locate life within an open space. It’s range is limited only by nonliving barriers, such as rock.


Jezran stands at about 5’7, which is about average for a human. He has brown curly hair, green eyes, and wears an odd glass artifact over his eyes called the Eye of Arcana, which can allow him to detect magical objects within 10 feet of him. His face is generally obscured by a massive beard that seems unnaturally large.

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