Rieta Andolin

Alias: Selene Bryseis

Age: 17

HP: 42/42

Level: 5

Class: Rogue

Race: Malenai


Stealth, dexterous, acrobatics, pickpocket, lock picking, storytelling, perceptive.


Abyssal Affliction: caused by the physical touch of one of the Children. Can lead to a number of outcomes dependent on their ends.


Leather armor, Shortsword(1), Daggers(2), Throwing knives(??), Ceremonial knife(1), hempen rope(50 ft), bedroll, traveler’s cloak(green), mother’s pendant, (200) silver coins worth of currency.


Attuned: ??


Level 1 Shadow Spell:

Caster becomes a shadow, allowing them to travel near instantaneously between shadows. Requires greater mana dependent on the level of light in the environment. Sunny days require greater mana usage, whereas night would require very little. Caster is immune to all physical attacks in this form, but cannot perform physical attacks either.


Standing at 5’2, Rieta weighs around 100 lbs Her face and frame are gaunt, malnourished due in part to a life on the streets, but moreso currently due to a year skimping on food to save coin for her voyage to Syndramire. Her skin brims with youth due her age and colored a murky red. Her eyes are silver, with no visible sclera or pupil. When exposed to light, they appear to gleam like polished metal.

Her hair, jet black, falls past her shoulders and reaches to the small of her back, well cared but showing signs of frazzle. She has two ebony horns sprouting from her temples that flowing back along the curvature of her hairline before straightening out and curving upward with a slight flourish as it reaches the back of her scalp. 

Her tail is thin, but remarkably strong for its size. Stretched out, it’s around 3 feet in length, but is often wrapped several times around her torso to appear as a belt and hold valuables such as a stolen coinpurse.

She wears a wide brimmed hat, made of blackened leather. It has a midnight blue feather stitched to the side, near the top of the hat, wrapped round by a silver ribbon. Two holes are found in the bottom near the center, that allow for her horns to be pulled through the bottom to sit firmly on her head, with the added benefit of hiding her horns in plain sight.

Her common outfit for travel is a simple woolen long sleeved shirt, designed for comfort on long journeys with dark brown trousers and padded leather shoes. Over that, she wears a leather cuirass, made up of a chestguard and shoulder pads, accompanied by gauntlets that have been stylized to capture her feminine physique and create a striking image when needed. Both cuirass and gauntlets provide hidden compartments for a number of weapons and knives. Over that she wears a hooded dark green traveler’s cloak that allows for protection from the elements and concealment of all her racial characteristics.

Around her neck is a metal pendant given to her by her mother when she was still a young child and is now the only memento she was able to keep from the fire.

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